Rob Houdijk was born in Tilburg in 1950, He grew up in 's Hertogenbosch were he attended grammar-school. After his grammar-school period he studied Classical Languages and Literature at the universtity of Nijmegen. His passion for drawing and painting dates back to his childhood..... >> Click here to read more


    1) Temporary exhibitions:   
    -Galerie Rob Houdijk: Romee Kanis, Corry Kooy,  Menno Veenendaal, Hans Versfelt and Rob Houdijk,
      19 September untill 12 October, every friday, saterday an d sunday, from 12.00  -17.00  hrs.
    --Kunst 10 daagse, Huis met de Pilaren, Bergen nh., 17 - 26 October 2014

    2) Continuous exhibitions in 'Atelier Rob Houdijk' by appointment.

    Atelier Rob Houdijk, Stuimellaan 2A, 1834 GB St. Pancras.
    Tel. 072-5641671; mobiel: 06-50286272,

  • Atelier Rob Houdijk, Stuimellaan 2A, 1834 GB, St. Pancras